VAT on Aliexpress Is it included? How does it work? [Updated 2023]

Buy safely knowing how VAT works on Aliexpress. Eliminate the chances of losing money having to pay more for breaking the VAT law in the European Union.

Author of the article: Olalla Mellado Digital editor of trends.
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Until June 30, 2021, the European Union legislation on the payment tax for goods by end customers who bought from sellers outside the European Union was defined because they declared VAT to consumers of the country to which the seller belonged.

In the case of Aliexpress and its sellers, they attributed the China tax to their product sales and declared it in their country .

In this period prior to June 30, 2021, customers who bought merchandise from countries outside the European Union with an order less than 22 euros were not required to pay VAT.

Above 22 euros and up to 150 euros, VAT had to be paid, and when the order reached 150 euros, it was time to pay VAT and customs duty.

The European Union with the aim of raising more income, and of avoid the fraud that some customers could ask sellers to put a lower value than the real price of the orders in the e package ticket, they have decided to change the regulations as of July 1, 2021.

In this change, all orders placed by users to online stores of sellers outside the European Union ( because of the products that were sold within the European Union VAT has always been paid) they must necessarily pay VAT regardless of the order price .

How can sellers from abroad manage VAT in the European Union?

In this attempt to reduce fraud and collect more, the European Union offers sellers from outside the European Union two ways to manage VAT to legally declare it in the country of the buyers of the European Union:

- Single Window : the most positive option is the single window, since it is then the seller The one who manages the VAT and the clients for their part will not have to do any more task, except buy their product as they have done so far without having any problem with customs.

- Special agreements : when sellers choose this option, then the seller does not charge the customer VAT and it will be the shipping company who will have to manage this VAT, charging the customer for the management around 20 euros.

The least positive option since the customer is charged with responsibility and reduces the possibilities of selling the ecom Merce for the headaches that this management entails.

But, what about the VAT on Aliexpress ? Is VAT included in the prices? Find out all the details below.

How VAT works on Aliexpress

The update of the European Union on the management of VAT on sales made by sellers outside the European Union then puts us at customers in the task of knowing exactly if the online store where we want to buy is including VAT on its products when buying them or not, because:

- If it does not include VAT : then you will have You have to pay VAT through the shipping company that will request the payment for management in order to get your order.

- If it includes VAT : it's great because the customer will not have You have to do nothing, just buy the product and wait for it to arrive, even if it exceeds 150 euros.

Aliexpress has chosen the good solution and that is to include VAT on all its products. With which they will ensure that we are all happy and continue to buy in your online store thanks to the fact that we will not have to carry out any further steps to place our order online.

We may see a slight price increase of the products on Aliexpress due to this VAT included, although after the first day of this new regulation there has not been a big change in the prices of the products and Aliexpress is offering discount coupons for all purchases of more than 5 and 10 euros in order to lower prices and promote sales.

In the Aliexpress APP you can find this information where it explicitly explains that prices already They include VAT, and if you have any questions you can always choose not to accept the order and to keep it or make the return to the country of origin.

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